We are United Brandable

We are a company dedicated to the marketing of high quality equipment and services based on the concept of bio security.


Through an analysis procedure we research current, future and predicted market trends and financial impacts. Thereafter, our skilled resource team sources the most suitable products and services from different industries to add to our product profile for the specific time.


We have partnered with several warehouses nationally and internationally as well as the 2nd largest import/export company to ensure streamline procure and supply process. Altogether, we work hand in hand with EQMedical Group of Companies as mentor and partner.

We become the buyer by negotiating price and availability and supply on your behalf ensuring quality, price and availability and certification and accreditations and last but not least, expectations are fulfilled.

We ensure to connect our sellers, warehouses, importers to the right sector buyers whether it be by sea, air or local distribution. E vets on your behalf, therefore, insuring buyers’ credibility and paperwork are in place to ease any trading complications. Our aim is to market our seller’s products to the different sectors using a team of agents and representatives in specialized field of commodity.



To consolidate the United Brandable brand as a responsible company in the supply of bio-security elements characterized by quality and competitive cost.



To be an integral solution in bio-security supplies by providing quality products with an optimal relationship with our final customers with elements that comply with applicable standards and legislation that allow us to provide adequate protection to our users against the risks they are exposed to.


Following the general guidelines of international standards of protection and security.